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Ayurveda – A practical Approach

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In these contemporary times where science has become a religion and technology a tradition, it becomes imperative to revisit one’s roots and begin, in however infinitesimal amounts, the process of healing our minds and bodies, repairing the damage inflicted upon them by so calculating a world, and bridging the divide that has arisen between the two.

A widely recognised practice, Ayurveda, literally meaning ‘knowledge of life’,  promises to start one off on the healing process by restoring one to their default equilibrium setting with both their selves and nature, that has, sadly, been disturbed in these modern times. Having been around for over a thousand years in India, Ayurveda persists as a ‘Science of Life’ even today by drawing from nature’s inherent principles.

The belief in Ayurveda remains that we are derivatives of nature and thus, comprise the very elements present in it, i.e. ether, fire, water, air and earth. The interplay of two or more of these elements in the environment influence man’s life sustaining processes directly and, thus, dictate one’s state of being. The combinations the elements participate in are unlike another and are what create unique individuals that respond varyingly to circumstances.

For instance, fire and water together constitute the Pitta Dosha which drives metabolism and transformation, ether and air harmonise to create the Vata Dosha which governs movement and triggers impulses, respiration and circulation, water and earth dictate the Kapha Dosha responsible for structural growth. The unique combination of Doshas influence one’s temperament and their balance determines one’s well-being.

At Avsaan, thus, the endeavour has been to create a delicate balance between Ayurveda and modern science to yield products that cater to all types of users. We respect the harmony of the elements within an individual and strive to mirror the same with our creations.